Sonntag, 16. November 2014

In Pope Francis' footsteps?

Due to technical problems this blog is back now only. I published a series of observations in the aftermath of the second round of the Presidential elections here, here, here, here and here. From the first weeks of Ashraf Ghani's government of national unity it becomes clear that he wants to distance himself in many ways from his predecessor Karzai. It needs to be seen though - and can only be answered in time - which of the symbolical steps Ghani has taken over the first couple of weeks can lead to substantially new governmental structures he aims at. That goes especially for the case of the Kabul Bank trial and the announced reform of the judiciary as one of the biggest challenges in order to reform some of the major Afghan institutions. A bit like with the election of pope Francis, a number of new habits are there (see the way Ghani's Christian-Lebanese wife Rula is taking part in the public debate on the issue of women's role in society), it remains unclear if and how the political centers of power sourrounding the new head of state will follow way.

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